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Wiz Wash

Cleaning Products

The cleanliness is the most important part of our lives. Where you live? Where do you work? Where you study? Almost every place where you go or live is must be clean. So, we are promoting this company especially for you that you make your life easier and cleaner. We create some products with the best chemicals that say the dirt of your home “bye-bye“. We can create the best house cleaning products.

We are the 1st company in Pakistan that promotes these products. We are listening that housewives are facing so many problems with cleaning home. They want some best chemical products that will never damage their hands and remove the dirt from their home. If you are a businessman so you really want that your office will be shining all the time. The cleaning will show a good impact on your clients.

We don’t think that anyone really wants to go to any dirty area. So, keep your house and offices clean. Our company Wiz wash is coming with the latest and unique products of house cleaning. When your guest came to your home and if your home is clean so this is really a good impression on the guest. Especially a woman is really appreciated due to the Best Cleaning Products.

Auto Care

High quality Wiz wash Multipurpose cleaner made for surfaces with a matte touch that instantly removes embedded grains of dirt, dust, airborne environmental deposits, scratches and smudges for a definite new and smooth look.

Home Care

  • Safely clean any sort of surface while fighting against the toughest stains and removing them off completely without streaking

Fabric Care

Its neutral pH formula does not irritate skin, Chlorides and Phosphate free formula makes it is Eco-friendly and safe to use. Its 100% water soluble formula specially designed for Automatic